You would never have guessed that someone born under the name George Wilson could become a Cult Siren, now would you? But there are so many confusing things concerning the life of the person that became Ajita Wilson that maybe it’s time to share some information on this very unique performer, maybe the only transsexual actress that enjoyed some kind of celebrity/cult status outside the adult film world… if you can call “normal” starring in movies with such titles as Macumba sexual or even Sadomania. Well, when you’ll have the opportunity to watch Ajita in any movie she appears in, you’ll discover her mysterious appeal and enjoy her powerful presence.

As far as can be known, George Wilson was born in Brooklyn around 1950 or so. Of course, there are other theories that suggest that she came from South America but will we really know the truth? The story goes that she began as a transvestite performer in sex clubs in New York, to then live life as a transsexual. There seemed to have been a sex change operation somewhere in the mid seventies, which was eventually followed by Ajita’s entry into the sex film world, mostly underground projects filmed in the New York area. So, yes, she was discovered by a producer from Europe that enticed her to go find work mainly in Italy and Greece. Even at this point, it’s almost impossible to ever put out a complete filmography of Ajita Wilson’s work, be it hardcore, softcore or regular films. The Internet Movie Database begins her filmography with the 1976 film Gola profonda nera (Black Deep Throat), proposing close to 40 films to her credits. But we know that their list is surely incomplete.

Also in 1976 Ajita starred in Cesare Canevari’s The Nude Princess, where she played an African ambassador making a political trip to Italy and getting involved in sexual shenanigans. Oddly, this script seemed inspired by a real incident involving Idi Amin Dada! Just try and imagine how could somebody ever do a remake of this in this day and age!!! But here, the basic Ajita Wilson personality was already established. From that point on, her career would become more regular, encountering on her way such directors .as Joe D’Amato, Lucio Fulci and Jess Franco. Oddly, she often played characters simply named “Ajita”.

In 1980, Ajita was part of Escape from Hell, a notoriously sleazy Women in Prison (W.i.P) film with the right ingredients: sadistic guards, torture scenes and lesbian passion, where Ajita is tied ans suspended spread-eagled! A similar kind of script was used for the same year’s Prison Sex.


But one of her more notorious project is stil Sadomania (AKA Hellhole Women), an out-of-control Jess Franco project from 1981, where Ajita plays the cruel lesbian warden this time, taking delight in offering us a sensual portrayal of this character. An over the top scene proposes Franco himself as a gay brothel owner, with Ajita playing his male lover (the actress really disguised as a man!). Confused yet? How about the implied scene where an unfortunate female prisoner seems to be raped by a dog? Beware of the subtleties of European exploitation movies…

Also outrageous is Apocalipsis sexual, a Spanish roughie where Ajita and the cast experiment with inserting odd objects in their anatomy, like bottles, pool cues and knives! So how’s the weather in your area today? What about 1983’s Naked Wild Erections? What kind of story it can be, I wonder, from that charming title?

Then came Macumba sexual, another Franco film and maybe the quintessential Ajita Wilson motion picture, where she plays Princess Obongo, a voodoo princess returning from the dead and haunting a woman by using sexual hallucinations. This movie is quite surreal, proving that there was no one else than Ajita to play that kind of role. If you only have just one to choose, this is the one. Unforgettable. Other prison flicks followed: Hell Behind the Bars saw the light of day in 1984 and Hell Penitentiary came out in 1985.


The same year, Ajita brushed elbows with then-busy exploitation actress Linda Blair in Savage Island, an incoherent production using footage from two other 1980 titles! Note also the involvement of Leon Askin, best known for his role of German General Burkhalter in Hogan’s Heroes! For her last film, Bocca bianca, bocca nera, some wise guy translated the title as Love Boat! There was no Captain Stubing in that one, I assure you.

On May 26, 1987, Ajita was involved in a tragic automobile accident in Rome and she passed away from a cerebral hemorrhage. Her career was still going strong and there is no doubt that many projects were still in her future. As stated above, she’s mainly remembered today for her participation in some of Jess Franco’s best work in the eighties and being a tough warden in many prison movies. To add to the confusion in vainly trying to compile a complete list of her movie credits, many of these films were released under diverse titles and in often edited form, explicit or tame. Still, her best-known work remain available on DVD, so don’t hesitate..

Ajita Wilson still seems to come out of another world every time we see any one of her films, by her attitude, allure, face and amazing body. As an ethereal sex goddess of the silver screen, she reigns over a very unique kind of performers. I am extremely glad to welcome her in these pages.


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