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Shana Hiatt is “The Poker Girl”!

Move over “Tool Time Girl”, there’s a new hottie taking over the airwaves! Shana Hiatt, “The Poker Girl” has struck gold as the hugely popular hostess of the Travel Channel’s World Poker Tour.

“I was one of many hopefuls to audition for the WPT producers. It was a fun experience, because poker was so new to me. My husband plays and I was thrilled to get the job so that I could learn more about the game.”

Well, Shana Hiatt’s husband James Van Patten, is the brother of Vince Van Patten, co-commentator along Mike Sexton on the World Poker Tour (WPT). No doubt Shana auditioned and earned the poker hostess position on the WPT through her beauty, on-screen charm, and talents, but it probably did not hurt to have her brother-in-law as the commentator on the show!

In an interview with Linda Johnson of, we learn about Shana’s perspectives regarding the WPT:

LJ: Describe your position with the WPT.

Shana Hiatt: As the host of the WPT, I take the viewers on a joyride through poker. I tour the destination, the casino, and its surrounding areas. During the tournaments, I interview the players and their families to provide a broader perspective on their personalities and backgrounds. I want to show the home viewer how accessible the poker world is. I also host the “Poker Corner” segment, which provides an in-depth look at different aspects of poker each week.

LJ: What is your favorite part of your job with the WPT?


Shana Hiatt: There are many things I love about it, but my favorite part is traveling to so many beautiful locations, including Paris, Aruba, Costa Rica, and the many casinos in the United States. Costa Rica offered the most diverse scenery of all of the locations we visited with its rainforests, stunning waterfalls, and a live volcano.

LJ: What was your favorite location during the first season of the WPT?

Shana Hiatt: Let’s see … I’d have to say Costa Rica for the coffee, Paris for the wine, Aruba for the beautiful water and beaches, and the PartyPoker cruise for the party!

LJ: What do you think it takes to be a good poker player?

Shana Hiatt: Poker is a game of skill and luck. I am extremely impressed with the focus and determination the players display during these tournaments. Other than that, I am not sure that there is any rule of thumb for what makes a good poker player. Our players are men and women of all ages and diverse nationalities. I have seen a conservative 61-year-old grandmother compete against a 21-year-old man whose poker playing was inspired by the movie Rounders. At the WPT Championship, Kirill Gerasimov, with only 18 months of experience, wound up heads up against experienced Alan Goehring. I think that is what makes this game so exciting: Anyone who is a dedicated player and is willing to take risks has a chance to win.

LJ: Who are some of your favorite poker players?

Shana Hiatt: Now you’re trying to get me in trouble. I can’t be partial. I love them all.

LJ: Have you ever played poker yourself?

Shana Hiatt: I have played a couple of times since I started the show, and I have to admit, it is very exciting. The rush you feel when you know you have them beat … it’s enough to make you want to quit your job and play poker for a living!

LJ: What was the most memorable aspect of the first season for you?

Shana Hiatt: The first season of the World Poker Tour was special for me because of the opportunity to work with so many wonderful people who truly love the game.

Steve Lipscomb, CEO of the World Poker Tour, is dedicated to the show and to bringing poker to the TV audience. He has created this unique opportunity for everyone. Mike is incredible with his in-depth knowledge and long dedication to the game. Vince is the perfect complement to Mike; he has such a knack for bringing humor to the commentary. And, of course, the players are amazing. It has been my good fortune to have met so many interesting and talented people.


Shana Hiatt Named Official Spokesperson for!

So, after the first successful season of the WPT, a new opportunity is presented to Shana, and the announcement is made in November 2003 that Shana Hiatt has been named the official spokesperson for!! was the world’s largest, most respected and trusted online poker room at the time. Now Shana, parlaying her success in the poker world from the WPT, aligns herself with this awesome online poker site.

Below is the public announcement made by, and the banner ads that now display Shana Hiatt.

Actress/Host of World Poker Tour Chips In To Welcome Online Players to the World’s Largest Multi-Player Site

The beautiful and sparkling host of the World Poker Tour has taken on a new role in the poker world. Shana Hiatt has parlayed her charm and poker popularity into a spot as the newest spokesperson for, the worlds largest online multi-player poker room.

Hiatt assumes her role just in time for’s big event, Million III, a record-breaking $3.5-million tournament aboard Holland America”s luxurious ms Ryndam during a Mexican Riviera cruise, March 14-18. The event will draw more than 500 players, vying for a coveted $1 million first prize. Players may win their way into the Million III by playing preliminary qualifying tournaments at

For the past two years, Shana Hiatt, has been the elegant guide to the exciting and glamorous world of high stakes poker on the World Poker Tour, introducing viewers to the exotic resorts, the unique lifestyle of poker players and esoteric facts about the game. But Hiatt is more than just a TV show host. A talented actress, dancer and acclaimed model, she has carved out a career that combines both her beauty and brains.


Hiatt will make personal appearances in behalf of and help the site with attracting newcomers to online poker. Launched in August 2001, is the world”s largest online multi-player poker room offering players a safe, secure and friendly environment to play poker. With more than one million satisfied users, is the market leader in the popular and fast growing online poker games market. is fully licensed and regulated by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, Quebec, Canada. The site typically hosts more than 20,000 simultaneous players playing an assortment of live classic poker games including Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha Hi/Low, and Seven Card Stud and single and multi-table tournaments.

Shana’s face is now all over the internet through PartyPoker’s banners! Is Shana’s face helping PartyPoker’s growth? Well, considering that PartyPoker is, by far, the largest and most popular online poker room on the internet, what do you think?

Shana Hiatt Hostess of High Stakes Beverly Hills Celebrity Poker

Shana’s poker hosting does not end there, she also hosts a weekly high-stakes celebrity poker match at the prestigious Beverly Hills club, the Grand Havana Room. The Grand Havana Room is an ultra-prestigious, membership only, Bevery Hills-style cigar club.

Shana has the poker world wrapped around her finger, because she is the one and only Poker Girl!

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